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martes, 16 de marzo de 2010

My Neighborhood

Ok... I'm going to explain how it's live in 1oth avenue. the place where I live here in Mcbo.

First, I live in a corner near here we have two hospitals, a pharmacy, a hairdresser, a church, a park, we have many places that we could visit and maybe we could need them in any moment. In fact, I'm glad to live here cuse we have a lot of places near here, also is near from my university.

About security It's not the most security area of Maracaibo to live, every day when we arrive to home , we try to be carefull.

That's it tell me about your neighborhood

Guerilla Marketing

That video is about advertising, that is my favorite subject in university. I hope someday I could participate in a advertising agency.

Story of a Crime

Hiiii! I'm here again, in this oportunity I have to tell you a crime story. So, since a month ago a friend of mine, told me a story about a High School massacre in the United States. He has been living in Colorado when that terrible event happened.

Two teenage gunmen kill 13 people in a shooting spree at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado. At about 11:20 a.m., Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris, dressed in long trench coats, began shooting students outside the school before moving inside to continue their rampage. By the time SWAT team officers finally entered the school at about 3:00 p.m., Klebold and Harris had killed 12 fellow students and a teacher, and had wounded another 23 people. Then, around noon, they turned their guns on themselves and committed suicide.

The awful crime captured the nation's attention, prompting an unprecedented search--much of it based on false information--for a scapegoat on whom to pin the blame. In the days immediately following the shootings, many claimed that Klebold and Harris purposely chose jocks, blacks, and Christians as their victims

Subsequent investigations also determined that Klebold and Harris chose their victims completely at random. Their original plan was for two bombs to explode in the school's cafeteria, forcing the survivors outside and into their line of fire. When the homemade bombs didn't work, Klebold and Harris decided to go into the school to carry out their murderous rampage.

Columbine High School reopened in the fall of 1999, but the massacre left behind an unmistakable scar on the Littleton community. Mark Manes, the young man who sold a gun to Harris and bought him 100 rounds of ammunition the day before the murders, was sentenced to six years in prison. Carla Hochhalter, the mother of a student who was paralyzed in the attack, killed herself at a gun shop. Several other parents filed suit against the school and the police. Even Dylan Klebold's parents filed notice of their intent to sue, claiming that police should have stopped Harris earlier.

In an effort to show the world "that life goes on," Columbine school board officials voted to replace the library where students were murdered with an atrium.

So, That awful event is the fourth-deadliest school massacre in United States history, after the 1927 Bath School disaster, 2007 Virginia Tech massacre and the 1966 University of Texas massacre, and the deadliest for an American high school.
It's Incredible that something like this occurr in high school.. Let's Coment and let me know your opinion....

In fact if u want read more about this visit ...

domingo, 28 de febrero de 2010

Legends or Histories

So, in streets of the city where I come from have many legends and horror histories of haunted houses, chapel, churches and graveyards. Even Lolita Robles de Mora wrote a books calls ¨Táchira Legends¨ I recommend you can read this book and found many histories of my city. Below I’m going to tell you the history of Chapel of Homeless.

Located in 12th street with passageway Cumana, in San Cristobal city, there is a little church.

The history tells that Maria, a beautiful and young woman who led a happy life. She passed her days between parties and alcohol. One of those nights of parties and drinks she was smote mortally by her boyfriend. In a jealousy attack and under the influence of alcohol assaulted her.
Although of the severity wounds she had strength to leave the bar and scream asking for help.

She was shedding much blood and his suit was full of blood. She screamed over and over again desperate, since the beginning anybody wanted to help her because her wounds were amazing. When neighbors helped her it was too late. Maria fainted because of the large loss of blood.

A few minutes later died. Years later, the neighbors repentant, because no one helped her, they built a chapel in the place where she died to commemorate her memory. The chapel was calls Chapel of homeless.

They say that into the chapel occur a strange phenomenon , between 7 and 10 in the night, chapel is illuminated by a soft light, around seems like the dawn. Inside the chapel people can hear whispers and tenuous voices as if someone was praying.

That was a terrible history... Are u know any history like this? tell me about it..

Network Trends

This is an special homework that I had to do for my english course at CEVAZ. In my speech I talked about a new social network I hoe u enjoy it this read.

A lot of comments about social networks have been said since pages like facebook converted in a boom on the internet competing with others like twitter, jaiku, picasa and MySpace who is the principal competitor of facebook.

However Google decided to change their strategist creating a social network. When Google bought Jaiku, (who is a microblogging service) .Everybody thoughts that it would renew the service to become a direct competitor to Twitter but It wasn’t the case. Nowadays have submitted GoogleBuzz that is, in its way, how to get in contact with our friends and contacts quickly and easily and with more social interaction.

Google Buzz doesn’t need configuration, it was be activated since February ninth and progressively, for all users with a Gmail account. A new section will appear in which we can update our status at all times. They also announced that the service can be as public or private as we want, avoiding the spread of personal information without our permission.

What Is Google Buzz?
So what exactly is Google Buzz? Used on a PC or mobile, Buzz reminds us of an RSS combined with all of your social networking—all within the existing Gmail and infrastructure.

Google Buzz also be available initially for phones with Android and the iPhone, and will allow from the phone, dial our geographical location, which can be seen in the new Google Maps allowing new forms of communication.

U can see a promotional video...

My followers let me know What do u think about this new social network? post a comment...


In this assignment I have to talk about fashion trends, tell to everybody what people are wearing in this day but I don’t know so much about this topic cause I don’t follow trend’s I only wear clothes with which I am feel comfortable and especially clothes that makes me look good.

I choose what kind of clothes wear, agree with my body curves. I’m thin but I have a big hips. In that order trends said that I have to wear pants to conceal my hips, about blouses I prefer wear tops to exalt my shoulders that is too a better way to achieve a balance in my body curves.

For special occasions now everybody are wearing shorts dresses and I like this trend, but I prefer choose soft colors like dark blue, black even gray.

Ok that’s it I described my personal style cause I wear with clothes that can make me feel comfortable, contemporary and trendy. I’m gladly if u tell me sometime about your personal style.

sábado, 27 de febrero de 2010

My Family

Hi! I hope u r fine, today I’m going to explain how is conformed my direct family, remember that a few days ago I posed a slide about they, here is the explication…

My mom and Dad, Beatriz and Luis have been married for 35 years. When they had 1 year of marriage they had their first son, who is my big brother Wilmer, he is 34 years old, is engineer, is married and have 2 songs, Diego and Luis Daniel. Next they had their second child who is my brother Luis, he is 31 years old, he studied administration and lives in Madrid, Spain; Continue with William, he is 30 years old, is engineer, is married and has one daughter, my niece Adriana and a little boy calls Luis Alberto. Finally my parents had a beautiful daughter that is me.
Now my parent lives in San Cristobal, Táchira estate (the city where I come from) in their own house, they don’t have pets because my dad hates animals. And I live in Maracaibo, Zulia state with my brother William and my sister in low Patricia. In Fact some days I visited my big brother who lives here too.

Anyway … I love my family.

However that’s it… If u has any questions about my beautiful family let me a comment and gladly I answer any doubt.