Nadie Pone sus sueños en manos de quien puede


domingo, 28 de febrero de 2010


In this assignment I have to talk about fashion trends, tell to everybody what people are wearing in this day but I don’t know so much about this topic cause I don’t follow trend’s I only wear clothes with which I am feel comfortable and especially clothes that makes me look good.

I choose what kind of clothes wear, agree with my body curves. I’m thin but I have a big hips. In that order trends said that I have to wear pants to conceal my hips, about blouses I prefer wear tops to exalt my shoulders that is too a better way to achieve a balance in my body curves.

For special occasions now everybody are wearing shorts dresses and I like this trend, but I prefer choose soft colors like dark blue, black even gray.

Ok that’s it I described my personal style cause I wear with clothes that can make me feel comfortable, contemporary and trendy. I’m gladly if u tell me sometime about your personal style.

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