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domingo, 28 de febrero de 2010

Legends or Histories

So, in streets of the city where I come from have many legends and horror histories of haunted houses, chapel, churches and graveyards. Even Lolita Robles de Mora wrote a books calls ¨Táchira Legends¨ I recommend you can read this book and found many histories of my city. Below I’m going to tell you the history of Chapel of Homeless.

Located in 12th street with passageway Cumana, in San Cristobal city, there is a little church.

The history tells that Maria, a beautiful and young woman who led a happy life. She passed her days between parties and alcohol. One of those nights of parties and drinks she was smote mortally by her boyfriend. In a jealousy attack and under the influence of alcohol assaulted her.
Although of the severity wounds she had strength to leave the bar and scream asking for help.

She was shedding much blood and his suit was full of blood. She screamed over and over again desperate, since the beginning anybody wanted to help her because her wounds were amazing. When neighbors helped her it was too late. Maria fainted because of the large loss of blood.

A few minutes later died. Years later, the neighbors repentant, because no one helped her, they built a chapel in the place where she died to commemorate her memory. The chapel was calls Chapel of homeless.

They say that into the chapel occur a strange phenomenon , between 7 and 10 in the night, chapel is illuminated by a soft light, around seems like the dawn. Inside the chapel people can hear whispers and tenuous voices as if someone was praying.

That was a terrible history... Are u know any history like this? tell me about it..

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